As a professional Dallas and Fort Worth commercial roofing installation and repair company, we can help maintain or replace your existing roof. Our team of commercial roof specialists are committed to providing exceptional service. We approach each client’s project as if it was our own home, taking the time to ensure that every aspect of the job is performed error-free.

Commercial Roofing Installation

The length of time that the roof maintains its original features is the true indicator of a quality roof. While some so-called sustainable roofs may be “green”, there is also a chance that they are less reliable or require more maintenance and repair. Below are a few of the key factors that you should consider before deciding which roof you want to install:

  • Resistance to natural elements such as wind, water, etc.
  • Maintenance level – Does the roof require periodic or frequent patching / repairs?
  • Warranty – Does the roof come with a warranty? If so, how long is the warranty and can you purchase an extended warranty if necessary?

HOA Associations/Property Management

We enjoy working with HOAs in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area. We are able to assess the condition of individual units or the entire property. After viewing the property, we will provide you with an extremely detailed estimate of the project’s cost and then work with you to devise the best method for repairing your roof. We also take the time to keep your tenants in the loop. We will make sure that all tenants are notified of the impending work and we will do our best to limit any inconveniences that the repair may cause.

Commercial Roof Repair in Dallas and Fort Worth

Roofing Specialists at Keto Roofing will work with you and/or your tenants to make sure that the commercial repair of your property is not a major disturbance. From the moment we begin, you can instantly notice an air of professionalism and respect for your business. We don’t believe in shortcuts – when it comes to repair options, we search for the root cause of the problem and fix it the right way. We also try to keep every aspect of a project as “Green” as possible. We always recycle old roofing products after removal, if at all possible.

Whatever the weather, our roofing repair team will promptly respond to your call. In fact, we’re always prepared in case of emergency situations. At Keto Roofing, we have tarps and plastic rolls in our warehouse for Emergency roofing needs.

Industrial Roofing Repair

Keto Roofing of Dallas and Fort Worth provides roof repair for office buildings, strip malls, warehouses, churches, industrial buildings, restaurants, and more! We have repaired numerous commercial / industrial roofs over the past 20 years and can handle the entire process from start to finish.

Ability to provide all Mule-Hide Warranty's


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